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About Kevin Beesley US Tax Services, Inc.

Kevin Beesley US Tax Services, Inc specializes in providing US tax services for individuals and their financial advisors who need U.S. and Canadian tax services. We have extensive experience in helping folks navigate the complexities of reporting their worldwide income -TWICE. Each day, we fight the battle between the Internal Revenue Code (US tax) and the Income Tax Act (Canadian Tax). Thankfully, we have the Canada/US tax treaty to help sort out most of the inherent conflicts.

We believe that each client should understand their tax returns and will go the extra mile to explain tax issues in an understandable and plainspoken way.

Have you never filed because you thought you gave up your citizenship in the 1970s? Are you moving to the US and want to optimally organize your financial life before you leave? Do you like to prepare your own tax returns, but need help? Do you have a great Canadian tax preparer who needs help with your US tax obligations?

We are here to help you.
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